Hampshire Chronicle: 01962 860 836

Call the Hampshire Chronicle on their Winchester reception telephone number 01962 860 836 to contact a representative about the best way to post an advert to the newspaper or to enquire about the process of submitting a letter as a reader of the publication.


About the Hampshire Chronicle Newspaper

The Hampshire Chronicle is a local broadsheet newspaper that is based the City of Winchester in the county of Hampshire, England. The Chronicle focuses on news stories from Winchester and Central Hampshire but also has a range of sister publications such as the Romsey Advertiser and the Andover Advertiser that detail more local feature articles from across the county. The Hampshire Chronicle is currently comprised of three weekly sections that include a broadsheet section that covers news along with classified advertising and sport. The second broadsheet section of the newspaper focuses on property advertising and the final tabloid-sized section is ‘7 Days,’ which covers arts and entertainment stories.

Winchester Reception – 01962 860 836

You should phone the Hampshire Chronicle on their Upper Brook Street office number 01962 860 836 for any questions that you may wish to ask a representative from the paper. For instance if you would like to access the Hampshire Chronicle archives for the purpose of your academic research then you can arrange to do so over the telephone. Alternatively if you would like to submit an advertisement then you will be able to discuss the cost of doing so but you can only submit a classified that is presented in a PDF format. Callers to the reception number can also inform the newspaper of an error that they have spotted so that the Hampshire Chronicle will publish a correction. If you are unhappy with the content of any article that has been featured in the newspaper then you may also register a complaint on the above contact number.

Newspaper Subscriptions – 02380 424 722

Call the Hampshire Chronicle subscriptions support number 02380 424 722  if you would like to amend your arrangement with the newspaper. For instance callers can cancel their subscription over the phone if they are unhappy with their existing agreement or if they are calling on behalf of someone who is no longer able to read the paper. Alternatively you may want to set up a new subscription with the broadsheet publication and can discuss how to set up a direct debit before the Hampshire Chronicle will arrange to deliver the paper to your home address.

Reader Submissions – 01962 060 836

Call the Hampshire Chronicle on their Winchester office telephone number 01962 060 836 to discuss the newspaper’s policy when it comes to taking reader submissions. For instance if you would like to submit an announcement in the newspaper then you can enquire about the per-word charge to do so. Callers will also be able to ask about the best way to submit an obituary to the newspaper if they would like to report the death of a loved one or leave information on an upcoming funeral. Readers who wish to submit news can do so when detailing their contact details along with their updates to the Hampshire Chronicle Online Contact Form. You may even wish to submit a letter for publication to the Hampshire Chronicle and can ask the newspaper about the type of writing that they are likely to feature before posting any content to the reader submissions Online Form.

Call Costs and Contact Hours

Each of the Hampshire Chronicle helplines operate a local rate number meaning that you will be charged the same standard per-minute rate as any other geographical call  when getting in touch from either a UK mobile or telephone number.  However you may be able to contact a representative from the newspaper for free if you get in touch online or call when using any include free minutes that have been offered by your telephone’s service provider. You can get in touch with the Hampshire Chronicle 6 days a week as its office operates during the opening hours of 9am–6pm, Monday to Saturday.

Key Hampshire Chronicle Contact Numbers

Hampshire Chronicle Enquiries UK Telephone Number Contact Hours
Newspaper Reception Desk 01962 860 836 9am–6pm Monday to Saturday
Sales Enquiries 01256 337 462 9am–6pm Monday to Saturday
Subscriptions 02380 424 722 9am–6pm Monday to Saturday
Hampshire Chronicle Reader Submissions 01962 060 836 9am–6pm Monday to Saturday


Other Ways to Contact the Paper

Write to the Hampshire Chronicle Office

You can send any letters that you wish to be considered for submission by post when writing to: Letters Editor, Hampshire Chronicle, 5 Upper Brook St, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 8AL, United Kingdom.

Email Your Letter

You can also submit your letters to the Hampshire Chronicle by email if you would prefer to avoid the cost and inconvenience of posting a written document: letters@hampshirechronicle.co.uk .


If you are active on social media then you can both follow news updates and submit any of your enquires when following the Official Hampshire Chronicle Twitter Account.