Hampshire County Council: 0300 555 1375

Phone Hampshire County Council on their general enquiries contact number 0300 555 1375 to arrange a meeting with your local councillor or to discuss the public services in your local area.


Hampshire County Council

Hampshire County Council provides the upper tier of local government for all of the constituent district councils in the Hampshire area. Specifically, the council has 78 elected local councillors whom frequently attend the main government offices in the county capital of Winchester. Hampshire County Council is responsible for a range of day to day issues including the waste disposal and children’s services (supporting schools and families) along with the maintenance of local museums.


General Enquiries – 0300 555 1375

Call Hampshire County Council on their local rate telephone number 0300 555 1375 for your general enquiries about the services that the governing body provides. For instance, you can discuss your eligibility for any welfare benefits available to UK citizens before asking for support during the application process. Alternatively you may wish for advice regarding your council tax payments as a Hampshire resident when speaking to a representative on the above helpline. Callers can discuss their council tax band if they are moving house in the area or can even ask whether they qualify for tax relief if they are a Hampshire resident who is also claiming benefits. Residents can also use the Hampshire County Council number to make a freedom of information request and can should ask an advisor for support during about the application process. However it should be noted that the Hampshire County Council has several departments that administer its services meaning that you may be forwarded to a further helpline depending on your enquiry.


School Admissions – 0300 555 1377

Phone Hampshire City Council on their school admissions contact number 0300 555 1377 to discuss how to apply for a place in one of the schools in your catchment area. Alternatively, callers can discuss what to do if they have been unsuccessful when applying to a place at their local school but have been offered an alternative that they are unhappy with. You can also get in touch with a representative from the council representative to enquire about term dates or the process of applying to a school job if you are qualified to teach in the county.


Hampshire Contact Numbers – at a glance

Hampshire County Council Department UK Contact Number
General Enquiries 0300 555 1375
Social Care 0300 555 1386
Occupational Therapy Direct 0300 555 1378
Education, Young People, Childcare 0300 555 1384
School Admissions 0300 555 1377
Young People’s Services 0300 555 1383
Disabled parking permits 0300 555 1376
Bus Passes 0300 555 1376
Recycling and waste 0300 555 1389
Births, Death, Citizenship, Marriages and Civil Partnerships 0300 555 1392
Libraries Book Renewals/Reservations 0300 555 1387


Call Costs

Hampshire Country Council uses a local rate contact number that will charge callers the standard per-minute rate as any other geographical call from a UK mobile or landline telephone. However, you may be able to contact a representative from the Winchester council building for free if you are using any inclusive free minutes that have been offered by your telephone’s service provider.


Email the County Council

If you would like to register a complaint about the services that the council provides or report vandalism in your local area then you should get in touch with the Hampshire County Council via email when writing to the following address: info@hants.gov.uk.